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Review: Spider-man EVA Lenses / Eyes (For Return Client)

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I was wondering if, when adding the lenses, do you leave the fabric on or do you remove them so that there's no fabric under the EVA Lenses? I already own a suit I bought last year (Before you started lenses) and am considering buying lenses to go on top. Would the fabric lenses cause any large vision difficulties and, if so, would you advise against removing any fabric from the face?
Andrew Kent Reply:
We can customize the lenses shape and color. Please contact us via email for more info.
 Bryan  September 14 2014


New Lenses! :) thanks once again :)
Oakley  June 16 2017


Can u plz put these lenses on the hood i got as well
Yes, if you order the lenses along with your suit, we can glue them on the hood for you .
Sidney  May 02 2017


If I bought a suit and hood already, and the hood has sewn in fabric lenses, is there a way I could attach these on top or something?
If you have a suit with detachable hood, then you can apply this hood to your suit too. If not, then you might need to find a tailor to replace the hood.
Liam Ellis  January 09 2017


Hi which one is ultimate Spiderman lenses?
Please check this one http://www.zentai-zentai.com/spiderman-faceshell-set-with-rubber-lenses-style-21-products-3527.html
Asher  June 15 2016


Hey Zentai-Zentai and everyone. I was wondering it is possible to make some Raimi Spiderman Lenses? If possible please reply! Thanks Asher
Asher Reply:
Yes we can make it, please contact us at: service@zentai-zentai.com
William  May 08 2016


Is it possible to get a pair of lenses on just a normal red suit?
Yes, please order them along with a red bodysuit. We can glue them to the suit if you need.
Ali Ortega  May 07 2016


If I buy these lenses and a suit without the attach lenses option would you guys still be able to put the lenses onto the suit?
If you order the suit along with lenses, we can glue them before the order is shipped.
Danny  April 28 2016


Can you order these separately and if so is there a different price
Yes, if you need a custom order, please contact:service@zentai-zentai.com
Jett Monroe  April 10 2016


How do I select the EVA lenses from the MCU spider-man page?
Please choose that lenses on the MCU suit item page or here http://www.zentai-zentai.com/spiderman-lenses-inspired-by-mcu-products-3312.html