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Are these all the same size? or one larger than the other? Reply:
One size,they are hand-made, might be slightly different.
Tom  January 11 2017


What material is it? Rubber or EVA? Reply:
These are made of rubber.
Devyn Smith  December 20 2016


Is the first lense option the same one that is on the top of the first image? Reply:
Yes, style 1 is the black one.
Devyn Smith  December 20 2016


i was wondering if I get this black face shell will it show in the red suit i am also ordering? Reply:
It will not show the faceshell color. But We will recommend red faceshell and jersey lycra to be sure.
Tristen  November 11 2016


I was wondering if these lenses could be red mirrored lenses. Reply:
THe yellow one will turn in red after reflection.
Robert Gray  October 04 2016


Asking again to show pictures. I sent about 6 pictures of my entire order, describing what was wrong. And in my order instructions I asked "that the lenses be attached to the appropriate mask". Robert Gray Reply:
Please make sure if you have chose lenses attached.If you order the lenses along, or detached, we will not glue them on the suits.