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If I buy these can I get the frame a red/pink for a spidergwen look? Can I also get the lenses silver? Reply:
Yes the frame color can be pink or red, please leave your request in the remarks text box.
Hajnalka  April 15 2017


Hello,what kind of rubber is this made of,because i am unable to glue it to the textile,i was try shoe glue,pure silicone,but it is still come down. What do you prefer for glueing? Reply:
Please try UFO glue.
matthew Wojcik  January 28 2017


I am very satisfied with my purchase it arrived at my house much sooner then I thought it would, I was just wondering what kind of glue do I have to use to attach the lenses to my mask?
Marvin Pelayo  January 14 2017


Are these all the same size? or one larger than the other? Reply:
One size,they are hand-made, might be slightly different.
Tom  January 11 2017


What material is it? Rubber or EVA? Reply:
These are made of rubber.
Devyn Smith  December 20 2016


Is the first lense option the same one that is on the top of the first image? Reply:
Yes, style 1 is the black one.