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I've never had these Mcu Lenses I'm telling my dad about this
Alex  May 14 2018


If ordered with a faceshell do these lenses come with the magnets attached or would I need to attach them myself? Reply:
If you order faceshell, the lenses will have magnets to match the faceshell
Mario Garcia Jr  March 14 2018


What style number is the gold one? Reply:
It is No.4
david Sears  January 08 2018


what is the lenses itself made of Reply:
It is made of EVA and mesh.
Kieran  October 06 2017


Hi, is this magnetic? And can this work with the faceshell? Reply:
We can make it with magnets. It can be applied to out faceshell.
Jacob  August 15 2017


If I order the suit want the lenses attached to the suit do I put it on open eyes or not Reply:
Please order them along with a costume with open eyes