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Ordered the suit custom in Jersey Lycra, Hood detachable, hands...

by Dee March 10 2016

Ordered the suit custom in Jersey Lycra, Hood detachable, hands detachble and EVA Lenses also with some shading around the eyes as in the 3D shaded Breast version.

First of all:
Zentai-Zentai's Customer service is highly recommended , felt well tended in the process with all my question with best regards whoever Chuck is :-)

sadly it got overlooked in the note that the eyes should be shaded as well. company offere a replacement without hte EVA I had to decline however due probably damaging the hood permantnly when removing the lenses and the other trying to add them -- to dumb in those matters-thus i had to decline.

Pattern: it comes really close, but not close enough to the orignal pattern as the webbing parts on the arms are way too long down the sleeve and probably be needing the diamond sape and not close enough to the armpits i.e. getting over them as they shoud as far i cpuld see it from the comics version, next the separated smaller parts on the sides dont reach over the breast as they shpud aligning wth the black points. Still looks good color is well chosen and hood and all else is just as it should be.
As I see it on some reviews the 3d-breast shaded version is a better appoximation to the "is to be" suit, but i didnt really like the idea of shaded breasts .

Hidden zipper, well not as good as i hoped for sadlly its still viispble but i think that can be remedied wieth a little black cloth colouring.

Material: plain and simple - great - take Jersey Lycra as recommended previously, worth any cent.

Fit: over all great, mask zipper cant be fully close but that vanishes in the turtleneck collar of the suit and is not to be seen otherwise fits good as well.

a good suit - but not 95-100% the suit I would have liked.
Pondering to get and try the 3d shaded version at a later time, even I dont like the idea but i have not seen a better alterantive - yet.
Mayb zentai-zentai might have a talk with their pattern provider to get a non 3d-shaded breast on that version of the suit that comes closer to the is-to-be suit.