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Review: Amazing Spiderman Zentai Suit with 3D Muscle Shading

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This is suit is so awesome! Can gladly recommend this! But I will recommend to buy different lenses and glue them on if you want a more movie accurate look :) But that's my opinion. But Great quality and the suit fits me like a clove! :D
Jonas Jensen
 Johnny Walker - Hyper Gaming  February 28 2018


This is by far the best suit I've had and some of the best work i have seen put into these suits! Honestly couldn't be happier than i am now with it and hope to continue my collection! Zentai Zentai is honestly the best site to get nay Spidey suit and they get the measurements exactly to what you send them! i will be showing this off to friends, family, cons, YouTube, and anywhere else i can to show this bad boy off! way to go Zentai Zentai
Johnny Walker - Hyper Gaming
 Tiago da Cruz  August 29 2016


Best suit! Best Company! Everything is perfect! Thank you so much! Next Suit: Spiderman Civil War!
Tiago da Cruz
 Nicholas Marselas  April 04 2016


Awesome suit, I don't have one but my friend has one,this one in particular and it's 99.9% movie accurate (webshooters)... I would love to buy one but I don't have any money...
Nicholas Marselas
 spidey  April 02 2016


this suit is great it has amazing details it is movie accurate i will be buying from here again if you get this suit i recommend choosing the tailored option and get jersey Lycra it is really durable overall 9 out of 10 I am going to wear it to planet comicon 2016 to see Stan lee KCMO
 Jorge Cortez  December 31 2015


This suit is amazing! I went out in public once in this suit and the kids love it! Thank you Zentai-Zentai!
Jorge Cortez
 Cale Batterson  October 24 2015


The suit is VERY well made. Especially for the price, it was a big hit at comic con and a lot of people actually said it was one of the best costumes they have seen. If you order, get jersey lycra, it's way worth the extra money. Also don't get the EVA logo on the front or back (I made that mistake) because it's not movie accurate. If you plan on making your own shoes out of the asics DO NOT get the rubber soles. Overall the suit is AMAZING (pun intended).
Cale Batterson
 Marvin Pelayo  October 14 2015


The Quality is top of the line, breathable and you can see through the lenses pretty well, i cant wait to order from you guys again :). was a hit at NYCC
Marvin Pelayo
 David taylor  September 29 2015


I received my Amazing Spiderman Suit from zentai-zentai a few weeks ahead of schedule. I put in my measurements and it fits like a glove. The pattern is gorgeous and the muscle shading makes me look more fit than I actually am. The attached lenses are great and the visibility out of them are phenomenal. I can easily put the suit on myself per the U zipper and it keeps the pattern flowing throughout the suit. It is gorgeous and far better than any suit I've had in the past. The only con I have is that the fingers are a tad too long, but that is it. I love it and I really hope that I can save money to get another suit from Zentai-Zentai soon! Thank you for all the good work!!
David taylor
 David Partelow  September 25 2015


The suit was my first purchase off this site and I have to say I was not at all disappointed. Not only did I find great costumer service but the suit fit like a dream. The custom options really help you get exactly what you want, especially the zipper options. The U shaped zipper made all the difference in getting in and out of the suit easily and the invisible option really put the suit over the time. Personal mods done were done by preference, as I had no complaints with the quality or work put in my Amazing Spider-Man suit. I will definitely be ordering from you guys again.
David Partelow