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Review: White Full Body Suit | Solid Color Full-body Spandex Lycra Zentai Suits

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Bought one for a friend of mine, I just want to say one thing. Delivered to Italy in only ONE DAY. That's just amazing. And, obviously, the suit is a great quality item
Melissa  August 15 2014


Perfect! Just what I needed. I for one hate tights and I love body suits. Now my character has a suit where I can wear many different outfits over top. I asked for size large ( I usually grab medium) but I wanted it a bit more stretchy. I got no back zipper just a front and for an additional cost I added black gloves (detachable) and the low-calf to feet black. I can't really see through the hood but I do plan on using the hood for something else ( Like a purse because it matches the suit ) This is my second purchase on this site, very very good customer service and fast shipping. The first purchase was the premium deadpool. I will be back for more.
Amira  September 18 2013


I just got my suit today, while it is a nice suit; it doesn't fit quite right on the torso, it isn't long enough vertically. I have a bit of a belly and I think that is what makes it kind of tight. Love the suit, think I'll lose some weight so I can fit it.
Thanks for your comments. Please double check your measurements before you order.
Yvonne  October 26 2012


I just received mine, and it looks great, aside from a strange patch around the neck, which I'm not sure where it's supposed to go, as it sometimes comes up around my face and looks very odd. But otherwise great, comfortable, a little hard to see out of, but otherwise good.