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Review: Scarlet Spiderman Printed Zentai Costume with 3D Muscle Shades

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hi , i was curious and i want to ask ,in the custom part can i order red soles? because i would like to wall around a lot in the costume and it would be nice if the soles blend in with the costume thank you.
Thee soles are in black not red. It is glued on the bottom of the feet.
kidpoolcosplay  May 08 2016


are the zippers invisible by default?
We have upgrade most zippers into invisible. If you want them all are invisible . please choose the option.
Cain  October 21 2015


So the 3D shades are included? Because above it says: "The EVA lenses are excluded. You need to order them under the Custom Order "
The 3D muscle shades , not the lenses.
Peter  September 15 2015


How do I pay with western union
Sorry the western union payment is not available now. Just Paypal.
Matthew Marchesi  September 12 2015


If I select "no hood" does it still come with a detachable hood? Because I need a suit with a detachable hood and no lenses and I can't figure out how to do that.
There is no hood in this package then. You need to choose hood detachable to have the hood shipped along with the suit.
Ben  September 10 2015


Can I pay with a Visa Gift card or something other than Western and Paypal?
Please pay with Visa through Paypal
Nick Rottkamp  September 08 2015


Would I be able to buy just the mask?
Yes, the mask cost $15.00 and the lenses cost $15.00. Please contact: service@zentai-zentai.com
Jon  September 02 2015


Would you be able add the muscle tones as well as the lenses to this suit: http://www.zentai-zentai.com/red-shiny-morph-body-suits-fullbody-shiny-metallic-unisex-zentai-suits-products-167.html ?
Shiny spandex lycra can not be printed on. The coating will melt.
Ace  August 07 2015


Would you be able to make this costume without the muscle tones?
That will be a red suit with EVAlenses attached. You can order them here: http://www.zentai-zentai.com/red-morph-body-suit-fullbody-lycra-spandex-unisex-zentai-suit-products-123.html,http://www.zentai-zentai.com/spiderman-eva-lenses-eyes-for-return-client-products-2913.html
ethan  June 25 2015


would you be able to make the suit in black,but still with the muscle tones?
Yes, please contact: service@zentai-zentai.com