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What style number is the gold one? Reply:
It is No.4
david Sears  January 08 2018


what is the lenses itself made of Reply:
It is made of EVA and mesh.
Kieran  October 06 2017


Hi, is this magnetic? And can this work with the faceshell? Reply:
We can make it with magnets. It can be applied to out faceshell.
Jacob  August 15 2017


If I order the suit want the lenses attached to the suit do I put it on open eyes or not Reply:
Please order them along with a costume with open eyes
Alessandro Somma  July 28 2017


Can I order this lenses attached to my suit???? Reply:
Yes, please order the lenses along with the suit, we will attach them for you.
Benjamin Wischmann  July 09 2017


How is the visibility? Do the lenses fog easily? Is there room for magnets to construct my own face shell? Lastly, can I get the lenses by alone? As in not attached to the mask. Reply:
The mesh will bring you good visibility. It might be foggy, please try anti fogging spray from the inside. The frame is made of soft rubber so you can bent it slightly and we will provide you some magnets along with the lenses so you can match it with your own faceshell. The lenses can be ordered separately.