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christmas 2019


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can u make 25 and 26 look like this Jacob woods Reply:
We will :)
Andrew Kent  September 06 2015


I was wondering if, when adding the lenses, do you leave the fabric on or do you remove them so that there's no fabric under the EVA Lenses? I already own a suit I bought last year (Before you started lenses) and am considering buying lenses to go on top. Would the fabric lenses cause any large vision difficulties and, if so, would you advise against removing any fabric from the face? Andrew Kent Reply:
We can customize the lenses shape and color. Please contact us via email for more info.
Bryan  September 14 2014


New Lenses! :) thanks once again :) Bryan
Andrea Frost  October 07 2019


Can the color of the frames be purple? Reply:
sorry it can not be made in purple.
Greyson  September 27 2019


If I make a homemade mask, could I be able to hot glue this to an eyless spandex mask? Reply:
yes, you will need the UFO glue for it.
Jaden  September 22 2019


I was wondering if there is blue lenses, and if there is I'm not sure how can I get it because I don't have a credit card, so is there another way to pay for It? Maybe if you guys have a store or if you know another way where I can pay for it? Reply:
we only accept paypal payment right now. You can use a debt card on paypal too. please check www.paypal.com for more info.