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Spring Holiday Notice: We will be on holiday from Jan.14th to Feb. 13th. The order placed before Jan. 14th will be shipped out by Jan.31st.The order placed after Jan.14th will be processing after we back to work.Thanks for your understanding and patience.


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can u make 25 and 26 look like this Jacob woods Reply:
We will :)
Andrew Kent  September 06 2015


I was wondering if, when adding the lenses, do you leave the fabric on or do you remove them so that there's no fabric under the EVA Lenses? I already own a suit I bought last year (Before you started lenses) and am considering buying lenses to go on top. Would the fabric lenses cause any large vision difficulties and, if so, would you advise against removing any fabric from the face? Andrew Kent Reply:
We can customize the lenses shape and color. Please contact us via email for more info.
Bryan  September 14 2014


New Lenses! :) thanks once again :) Bryan
Oskars  January 21 2019


can you add spider man lenses style 7? I am just asking if you could add different set of lenses Reply:
Yes, you can match other lenses to this hood if you want. Please leave a request in the remarks text box while placing the order. We will update it for you.
Andrew  January 07 2019


Do you think you could make these look like the ones I have shown below. In the sense that is is very blocky, and has sharp corners Andrew Reply:
Yes, we can make this shape on rubber lenses. Please contact service@zentai-zentai.com
jim  January 07 2019


can i get these for hetai usege or would they not hold up to the liquid melt the glue Reply:
Please do not touch any water, the paint might melt.