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can u make 25 and 26 look like this Jacob woods Reply:
We will :)
Andrew Kent  September 06 2015


I was wondering if, when adding the lenses, do you leave the fabric on or do you remove them so that there's no fabric under the EVA Lenses? I already own a suit I bought last year (Before you started lenses) and am considering buying lenses to go on top. Would the fabric lenses cause any large vision difficulties and, if so, would you advise against removing any fabric from the face? Andrew Kent Reply:
We can customize the lenses shape and color. Please contact us via email for more info.
Bryan  September 14 2014


New Lenses! :) thanks once again :) Bryan
Nathan Estrada  November 10 2018


Do you know what size these are? I'm looking for a size to match pic related (My head is size is 22 inches in circumference ), and I was a bit worried about there being only 1 size option. Sorry if this is kind of a specific question, I just wanna make sure I won't be receiving super small or super large lenses Nathan Estrada Reply:
Hi Nathan,thanks for contacting us.As for the sizing,we have varies sizes from female XXS to male XXXL.And we also provide the customized sizing service which often fit our customer quite well.If it is hard for you to decide on the size,we suggest you choose the custom sizes option and provide us your own measurements.
Zachary Smith  October 23 2018


Can I have the Mirror lenses put onto this hood? Reply:
Yes, please order the mirror lenses along with this hood. We will attach them for you.
Ben Tilley  September 19 2018


What Color is number 6? Reply:
It is light yellow.