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The Flash

The flash costume,flash lantern zentai costume, printed with muscle shades costume
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Could you guys cut the eye holes as diamonds like the new 52 design as shown in this picture ive provided. thankyou Richard Hazen Reply:
Yes, the open eyes , open mouth and nose will cost extra. Please choose the options under the custom section.
Trevor Hirby  July 20 2015


When I first got this suit I thought it was mis-sized. Turns out I was just wearing too much underneath it. I changed my bottom layers and now it fits perfectly. I've already gone to multiple super hero themed charity events as Flash and people LOVED this suit. Not only does it look great, but it's easy to run around in. Definitely can't wait to wear this around even more. Trevor Hirby
Richard Hazen  June 29 2017


If i get hands detachable could i get a thumb hole? Reply:
Yes, we can make it. please leave your request in the remarks text box while checking out.
Marvin  March 27 2017


Hi where can I get the printing file for the CW flash version of this? Reply:
You can get it for this pattern from www.gunheaddesign.com
Brett Griffin  March 05 2016


Suit looks great. Custom tailoring is a must for the best fit. Only complain is the eye holes go a lot higher than expected but still very happy
Josh Cox  January 30 2016


I was just wondering if you could make the ear parts like the real flash suit? I'm going to be making a fan film of the flash and I need the best suit and thus was my first choice. Reply:
that requires customize. please contact us via email at: service@zentai-zentai.com