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  By X-men Superhero costumes
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This costume is a perfect fit and it looks great. I wore it to Toronto ComiCon recently and people loved the way it looked. Thanks! stephen quammie
Aya  June 26 2017


Great product and great customer service. Fits comfortably.
Rodney  May 20 2017


Bought this costume. It's awesome. Exactly as you can see and more. High quality. I am very satisfied.
Noah  February 22 2016


hey zentia,Could you guys maybe put more muscle shading on the back legs and how much would that be ? Reply:
we can custom it if you want. Please contact:service@zentai-zentai.com
Declan McGhee  June 22 2015


Hi zentai. I was wondering if I could order this suit just instead of blue can i have it in green kind of like one of his costumes in the comics and if so how much would it cost? Reply:
Yes, we can adjust the color for you.Please contact: service@zentai-zentai.com
Caroline Carmichael  May 07 2014


Ordered this in a custom size. The fit was ok, however there was an unsewn part/hole in the mid-section on the right side seam. I liked that the gold belt/sash was only sewn to one side of the suit and not completely attached. The biggest disappointment in my opinion was that the Phoenix decal is NOT the same one as in the picture on this site (it's more curved and rounded and larger in size). If you're particular about being accurate to a character don't bother with this particular suit, if you don't mind a knock off, feel free to buy.