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Spiderman New Arrival
Holiday Notice: As there comes the Chinese New Year holiday, the order placed after Jan. 15th will be shipped out after we back to work on Feb. 18th. Order(over $50) placed during this period of time can enjoy 10% off after apply the coupon: 2016NEWYEAR. The custom orders are excluded. If you have any question, please feel free to contact: service@zentai-zentai.com.We will reply in 48 hours. Thanks for your understanding and Happy Chinese New Year !

Spiderman Costumes

Which is original? Zentai suits or something else?

The word "Zentai" can be traced back to 2005. It firstly shown up as a Japanese word "ゼンタイ" which is the originator of all the full body suits no matter what they call it now in different countries.

Why Zentai-Zentai.com is a better option?

We choose the top quanlity spandex fabric to make our zentai suits. 4-way revolutionary and size custom service give a better fit to avoid baggy and saggy. More fabric to choose for different purpose such as cotton lycra for sensitive skin. Over 30 custom options to make your suit more comfortable or one step closer to your design.

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Buy Spiderman costumes and spiderman villains costumes in wholesale price. The styles include classic red and blue Spiderman costume, black spiderman costumes and secondary designed new spiderman suits.
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Most Helpful Reviews


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Hi if i buy the mask can it cover this much of the neck and shoulders? ethan rafter Reply:
yes, it will cost extra. Pleas contact us via email: service@zentai-zentai.com
Troy Ma Boy  January 19 2016


A little hard to put on but overall I'm impressed with the suit. The only concern I have is with the lenses. They look great but I was expecting to be able to see through them. I didn't think they would literally just attach the lenses to a faceless suit. I recommend getting the open eyes when purchasing the lenses. Or better yet, the open eyes should be applied by default when purchasing EVA Lenses. Troy Ma Boy Reply:
Please cut the eye holes after you try it on to find the best position
vincenzo  January 06 2016


hello I wanted to ask I want the swimsuit model raimi sam, do you can create, if you can do what cost? and where can I get the order payment etc., I thank you from now on yours truly vincenzo
Jorge Cortez  December 31 2015


This suit is amazing! I went out in public once in this suit and the kids love it! Thank you Zentai-Zentai! Jorge Cortez
Wilbert Pierce  December 14 2015


I love my suit. It's gone with me many events and held up. Even spilled wine on it one night and it washed right out. As I grow my suit collection(I just ordered the Deadpool movie suit) I hope to do a few mods. new lenses maybe a black material with grip to it for when I'm climbing stuff. I do recommend carefully cutting out the material on the inside of the lenses. It increases visibility a lot and with the facemask beneath your suit still looks gorgeous. I use a marvel iron spider mask from Target (like ten bucks) I cut the rubber out and painted it matte black. Images attached below. Wilbert Pierce
Alfred  December 05 2015


A Great suit, comes with great fun :) First of all thanks for all the help I got from Zentai-Zentai. They really know what customer service needs to be. Thnxs guys! The suit: My suit comes with a standard U-shape Zipper, two zippers in the forearms, detachable hood and EVA lenses. I upgraded the zippers into invisible for a nicer touch. At first I had choosen for the horizontal back zipper, but changed it info the U-Shape zipper. I realised that you can get more easily in / out of the suit and the design isn't harmed. I did not add soles to my suit. In this case I have to wear shoes if I want to go out and have some Spidey fun. The fabric has a nice shiny spandex touch, it is very comfortable and light to wear. Great for gymnastics or taking a parkour. Due to the double fore arms zippers I can easily eat, wash my hands or touch my Smartphone, etc. without taking off the suit. I personally are not a big fan of the crotch zipper, though. I think it always looks a bit funny on a zentai suit, however it can be handy if you do not want to take your suit off, when you got to go. I am very pleased with my suit, I highly recommend Zentai-Zentai as your Spider-Man Costume supplier. Also many thanks to GunHead Design for creating this excellent Spider-Man design. Alfred