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Spiderman New Arrival

Spiderman Costumes

Which is original? Zentai suits or something else?

The word "Zentai" can be traced back to 2005. It firstly shown up as a Japanese word "ゼンタイ" which is the originator of all the full body suits no matter what they call it now in different countries.

Why Zentai-Zentai.com is a better option?

We choose the top quanlity spandex fabric to make our zentai suits. 4-way revolutionary and size custom service give a better fit to avoid baggy and saggy. More fabric to choose for different purpose such as cotton lycra for sensitive skin. Over 30 custom options to make your suit more comfortable or one step closer to your design.

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Buy Spiderman costumes and spiderman villains costumes in wholesale price. The styles include classic red and blue Spiderman costume, black spiderman costumes and secondary designed new spiderman suits.
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Most Helpful Reviews


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This is my first purchase from this site and honestly I am pleased with how it turned out. I strongly recommend the EVA lenses as attached, my main concern was the lenses were going to come in black, but they came in pink. You also may have to cut out inside the lenses in order to see. There were some measurement issues that are my fault for trying to measure myself, but that's ok. Many people came up to me to compliment me on the suit. I really enjoyed wearing it. The next time I buy a suit from here will be Jersey and better fitted. Erin Fitzpatrick
Symackz  May 17 2016


Best suit ever! Thanks zentai! Please ignore faceshell + eye lenses cus I bought from other seller. Symackz
Wolfgang Schröder  May 09 2016


Recommend 100%. Wolfgang Schröder
Martin Spidey  April 22 2016


I've ordered this suit a while back and all I can say is that it's amazing. Great printing quality and sewing makes it ready to wear, with small upgrades from my side (puffy painting) I can say that this suit is bringing attention at every single convention and event I go to. People keep calling me 'the real spidey' because this suit is the closes to TASM 2 looks. The interesting part about this suit is that even though the 3d print is not as visible in real life, it really shows on the photos, adding to the looks of the suit. The best proof is the photo I've uploaded. This is me wearing exactly the suit I've ordered. To make it look more real I recommend getting the hidden zippers and the u zipper at the back. The detachable mask is also good if you're planning to do breaks without taking the costume off. The EVA foam spiders at the front and back also look good (people keep touching them don't know why ;) ) but because it's a very flexible area it requires some maintenance every one in a while. Martin Spidey
Gavin Billeaud  April 21 2016


Merci encore Zentai Zentai vous faite du bon boulot Gavin Billeaud
Alexander Masut  April 20 2016


Really great suit for the price. I had no problems with mine whatsoever. The Jersey Lycra is great quality, and the mask looked perfect on my head without the need for a faceshell. Great first-timer suit for those who have never cosplayed Spider-Man before, but don't want to spend a massive fortune on an RPC Studio suit. I would recommend you get certain areas of the suit customised to your measurements, as you don't want any pieces baggy or stretching (the fabric stretches and shows white underneath when pulled too tight). Also be sure to get the detachable hood so you can adjust the angle of your mask, and to get that perfect fit around your neck area. Alexander Masut