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Holiday Notice: We will be on Chinese New Year holiday from Jan. 14 to Feb.1st. The order placed after Jan. 1st will be shipped out after we back to work. Thanks for your understanding and Happy New Year!
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Phillip Betournay

Love the suit. It fits perfectly. The printed mask is cool. The tale adds a good touch to the suit. The only flaw is that it is a leg zipper costume. It can be a bit challenging to put the suit on.

Overall, it was a good investment.

PS Expect a YouTube video in the shortcoming.

Phillip Betournay More
Phillip Betournay

Love the suit. It fits perfectly over my muscle suit (also bought here). The gloves stay up and don’t slip down. The biggest flaw is the black and yellow underwear. They keep slipping down when I walk or make any movement. I suppose I could pin it.

Overall, it was a good investment.

PS Expect a YouTube video in the shortcoming....

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Phillip Betournay

This is definitely the best skin suit I've ever bought. I ordered mine with a detachable hood and a horizontal crotch zipper. It's perfect. The only flaw is that it is a little hard to see. I did cut little holes and replaced them with brown pantyhose to help me see better. This suit is amazing, received a lot of likes on Instagram. Be...

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Andreas Mann

My fifth order from zentai-zentai.com and still nothing to complain about. I got this suit in size M and it fits me (173 cm, 73 kg) perfectly. My suit has individual toes for wearing flip-flops and is opened between the legs (so no zipper is visible at the backside). After wearing it for a walk I think this will be one of my favourite...

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Nick Marselas

Is it possible to get a maskhood in full red? I need one for a Vigilante Spiderman cosplay,respond when you can!

Nick Marselas More

I love my new suit! I cannot wait for Comic Con, it feels so good, I have considered wearing it all the time. Casual Fridays has a whole new meaning.


Sarah More
Tim Gao

Absolutely silky. Fits really tight like a second skin. The toes will stretch through time. Other than that if you want something to wear on and not leaving your body like a real skin, pick this suit and become a sexy leopard!

Tim Gao More
Christian Jochim

Ordered this suit from you guys a few years back and totally forgot to do a review on it. It's super comfy to wear and it's one of my fave suits. Here's a picture of me in the pink camo suit with a friend in a blue camo suit ^w^

Christian Jochim More
Miss D

Would you be able to do a zentai in this style and colour with built-in bra/breasts? I attached a picture for example.

I would like anatomically correct zentail full body suit with separated toes, fingers, breasts (size D cup) and female vertical crotch zippers and open face.

Could this be done? How much will it cost?

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Harriet McDonald

Im actually wearing this zentai right now, and i have to say its good quality my only qualm is that the hands are very large and i dont necessarily have tiny hands im 5"10 -.-

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Amie Rose

The suit was great! Ordered from standard size chart, fitted really well. Stretchy and comfortable for long period of time. Very pleased.

Amie Rose More

Hey, can you do the Glow in Dark Suit of this Spider-Man costume?
Only with a black catsuit and the green glowing print

StormG98 More
Robert Tylicious Ruckdeschel

This suit is VERY well made and the company did a great job with the measurements I sent to them. Fits beautifully! It has been used for almost 2 years as a professional wrestling suit and has taken the abuse very well. Everyone asks me where I got my costume (though I added the tutu - it's not included). Well constructed and I...

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letisia ford

Very awesome alien green suit!!! I absolutely love it! I can't wait to purchase the small children's one for my son!!!! I will be wearing this to a dub step concert!

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Jason Sui

I customized this suit for a comic con. Attack on Titan is the hottest subject of this year. So i bought this mask from Japan and got this suit here. I got to say, this is the best printing job ever!

Jason Sui More

Good fit. some toes were a little bit tight, but they stretched in time, although maybe shorter toes going down to the little toe might improve the pattern. Not fully see through, yet enough that the skin colour tinted the suit a nice golden shade, like a real snow leopard. Friends all loved it, and the costume was a success.

Alicia More

This zentai suit was AWESOME!!! I put on some pink pants and did a little pose for the camera!

kev More

Hi, I received a cotton lycra black full body Zentai suit. It feels very soft and luxurious. I like the matt finish. One can see through the head covering. It is comfortably warm to wear. The access is via a zip in the inside legs, which incidentally overcomes the need for a toilet access zip. Its a great fit but does pucker slightly...

Brian More
Ewan C

Received the suit today. I love the package. The suit fits well. Excellent job!

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