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If you have received the costume ordered from us already, please share your photos or videos
on social media (such as youtube, facebook[personal account, groups and pages], twitter, linkedIn,
pinterest, reddit,google+, tumblr, instagram, VK, ClassMates etc.)
(please include our domain: www.zentai-zentai.com in your post.),
then send us email to service@zentai-zentai.com includes
1.link of the post
2.order ID or payment trans ID
we will choose the winner of the month based on the time line, likes and comments of your post.
(we might share your photos and reviews on www.zentai-zentai.com, if you do not want us to share, please write it in the email)

If you talked about us on forum, blog, BBS, etc. with link to our website,please send us the
1.link of your post to service@zentai-zentai.com, we will choose the winner of the month
based on time line, content, comments, viewer count.
The topic of your post can be anything.
It can be questions of a product, suggestions, corrections, commands and etc.
Your opinion is value to us. Your support will help us improving our service and products.

Prize: a FREE solid color spandex lycra zentai suit (pick any color you want) or a pair of rubber lenses or VIP coupon to enjoy 10%off on your next purchase. (if you choose a different suit, you need to pay for the price difference. The prize will be shipped out via super saver which takes about a month. If you need faster shipping, you need to pay for the expedite postage. If you need the prize to ship along with your new order,
                                        you might need to pay for the additional postage if the package is overweight.
                                        For more info, please contact : service@zentai-zentai.com )
                                        Please check the winner at http://facebook.com/ZentaiZentai

                                        Expired by Jun 30th,2017
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