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Spiderman New Arrival


Catsuits, can be made of spandex, lycra, PVC, latex, rubber, is a skin-tight apparel.Zentai suits can be consider as a skin tight catsuit but cover the whole body. The word "Zentai" comes from Japanese which means "full body tights".
The accessories in pictures are excluded.The price you see is the net price for cat suit only.
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Could this mummy bag be made from heavy weight 10 oz lycra? Reply:
We need to order that fabric for you. The cost might be higher. Please contact: service@zentai-zentai.com for more info.
motocrossboy  April 21 2016


does it come with mask or gloves or boots????? Reply:
Just the bodysuit as the photo shows. No other accessory. This is pro cycling jersey.
Chris  March 04 2016


The zipper's pull tabs will be facing inward by default, at least they were on mine. This makes it absolutely necessary to close and open it yourself from inside, which is possible but difficult to do, especially in the hood region. Getting some assistance holding the material steady from outside does help immensely. If you got internal sleeves, you'll have to work your arms in afterward. Obviously the garment will stretch and allow it with some effort, but I worry it might be putting undue strain on the stitching. Only time will tell. Other than that, it looks and feels like Zentai-Zentai's usual high quality work. Maybe the tabs being inward facing is supposed to be obvious, but I feel it should be listed in this item's description somewhere.
jonas  November 23 2015


are the internal sleeves only for the arms and hands or for the legs to? Reply:
just arms and hands.
Obiora Smith  September 23 2015


I know that this is different from the costumes but if i were to customize a costume but ask for it in two pieces just like this cycling uniform, is that possible ? Reply:
We can make the suit into 2 pieces by extend the lenses of the suit and pants. Please contact us at service@zentai-zentai.com for more info.
John  April 01 2015


Is this the full suit or is it just the top? Reply:
Full suit