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Catsuits, can be made of spandex, lycra, PVC, latex, rubber, is a skin-tight apparel.Zentai suits can be consider as a skin tight catsuit but cover the whole body. The word "Zentai" comes from Japanese which means "full body tights".
The accessories in pictures are excluded.The price you see is the net price for cat suit only.
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can they come in girl sizes? Reply:
The suit is in male size only. Please choose the size based on the size chart.
Ardit  June 25 2014


Can there also be a Black Metalic Mummy the same as this? Reply:
yes, we can custom the fabric. Please choose the fabric on the item page.
carrie  June 24 2014


does the zipper go all the way back above the ass? Reply:
The zipper just ends at the bellybutton. if you need longer one, please choose crotch zipper when you place the order.
Chris W.  June 17 2014


Would it be possible to get this suit with a metal zipper instead of the plastic one, or at least a zipper that won't break as easily as the one that comes on it normally? Reply:
We can alter the zipper if you need. It will cost extra. Please contact : service@zentai-zentai.com
Dylan Brady  November 21 2013


Custom fit does not exist apparently because the whole thing is pretty much baggy and don't lay on anything because it will rub off on anything you lay on. Reply:
Please contact us at : service@zentai-zentai.com. Our staff will help you to solve the size problem.
Chris  November 07 2013


Is it possible to get a wire in the tail on this? If so how much extra would that be? Reply:
It will be hard for shipping if we wire it. You can add the wire after you received the suit.