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Catsuits, can be made of spandex, lycra, PVC, latex, rubber, is a skin-tight apparel.Zentai suits can be consider as a skin tight catsuit but cover the whole body. The word "Zentai" comes from Japanese which means "full body tights".
The accessories in pictures are excluded.The price you see is the net price for cat suit only.
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Love the suit. It fits perfectly. The printed mask is cool. The tale adds a good touch to the suit. The only flaw is that it is a leg zipper costume. It can be a bit challenging to put the suit on. Overall, it was a good investment. PS Expect a YouTube video in the shortcoming. Phillip Betournay
Phillip Betournay  April 18 2018


Love the suit. It fits perfectly over my muscle suit (also bought here). The gloves stay up and don’t slip down. The biggest flaw is the black and yellow underwear. They keep slipping down when I walk or make any movement. I suppose I could pin it. Overall, it was a good investment. PS Expect a YouTube video in the shortcoming. Search my name. Phillip Betournay
Phillip Betournay  January 19 2017


This is definitely the best skin suit I've ever bought. I ordered mine with a detachable hood and a horizontal crotch zipper. It's perfect. The only flaw is that it is a little hard to see. I did cut little holes and replaced them with brown pantyhose to help me see better. This suit is amazing, received a lot of likes on Instagram. Be sure to check my YouTube account for an upcoming video. Just search my name. Phillip Betournay
Bob  March 17 2018


Is it possible to customize this suit like that? https://www.spandexwear.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/Stitched-Mummy-Bag.jpg also how much it would cost to make this bag from 7-8oz lycra material? Reply:
Yes, it can be customized. Please contact service@zentai-zentai.com
Inzentai  August 01 2017


Just received my order today. It's fantastic! The color is a metallic gold with black spots. The metallicized spandex doesn't stretch as well, but I went for custom made so it fit great! I'll definitely be enjoying this suit.
Martin Halley  April 30 2017


Very nice product, the pvc on this one is a real strech one! All around your the best company for catsuits and zentai.