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Thanks you guys! Cara
Daisy  May 30 2016


At first,the mask was made small .Then i contacted zentai-zentai and they kindly provided a new mask for free. Cool!! Daisy
Daisy  May 30 2016


My son like it very much!!!! Daisy
chad flowers  March 13 2015


I bought this for my 4yr old. It is absolutely amazing. It fits and looks great on him. Got it just in time for Megacon next month. Thank you so much! chad flowers
Sunny  September 27 2019


Si pido este traje personalizado. ¿Hay posibilidad de que llegue antes del 2 de noviembre a México? Reply:
Yes, the tailoring time only takes 2 weeks for this costume.
Mariam Scattini  April 13 2019


Costume looked great however I chose Eva logos and logo were coming off as soon as we opened package and after few hours all Eva logo front back and eyes started to come off should have been sewed down, replied it however I walked it and it’s back to all coming off, I choose to custom for my sons costume but they made it smaller than the measurements given so doesn’t fit around my sons neck. For the amount it cost I don’t believe it’s worth the money sadly disappointed. They offer ended a discount on new costume but it’s this costume he wanted not another one. Although it was a custom suit they should offer an exchange since they chose to make smaller than measurements that were provided if made to my measurements at least he could wear it. I wouldn’t complain of the Eva logo eventually peeled off you would expect this but not before its first wash.