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Review: Orange Full-body Lycra Spandex Mummy / Sleeping Sac

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Is it possible to make it wearable from legs since it has an option to choose?. I used to wear my sleepsack upside-down for fun. And then I found out it's much easier to pull the zipper in and out while sitting! It's really interesting even though it's not comfortable due to the contour doesn't go along with body (it's ridiculously obvious! no need to explain :P). So I think it'd be nice if only the zipper is on the back between legs. From the ankles up to the crotch.
for this one , we can only make the zipper on the edge of the feet and leg area which is on the outside not inside as usual.
Robert  May 26 2016


Although the zipper faces inwards, I had serious problems closing the zipper. The problem: to close the zipper you have to reach into the hood and neck from inside. The hands widen the neck and hood so much that the zipper is under tension and does not close. I attached a string to the slider and now I can close the zipper with difficulty. When finally closed, the sleepsack feels good.
The zipper is made inside to make sure you can wear it by your own. If you need a different design, we can change it too :)