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Review: Black Zentai Suit | Full-body Spandex Lycra Unisex Suit

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Hello ! I would like a zipper for the crotch and for the butt ( male ) , female zipper can be enough for this, or there is other zipper for this ? Thank !
Please choose the female crotch zipper and leave the zipper length you need in the remarks textbox.
Sunny  September 27 2019


Necesito este traje para el 2 de Noviembre, estoy en México. ¿Hay alguna posibilidad de que llegue antes?
yes, the tailoring time takes 2 weeks. You will receive it in October if you order it now.
Tony  August 09 2019


Great suit at a great price. I ordered a "Tight Fit" but when the suit arrived it felt loose in places so they made me a replacement suit which fits perfectly and feels nice and snug. The material is great quality as is the workmanship and overall service.
windupbird  May 09 2019


Question: are there any zipper options around the butt?
crotch zipper for female is long enough.
Moses  April 30 2019


I have a question, will this be completely opaque over the body, and is the material durable and stretchy and if it is broken can I have a replacement? Thanks.
the suit is a bodysuit as the image shows. the fabric is quite durable. If you receive a damaged suit, we will make a new one for you.
Frank  June 25 2018


I have a question. If I get the penis Sheath and the vertical crotch zipper for males, will I be able to remove the penis sheath to be exposed and will i have to cut a hole into the penis sheath?
The P sheath will be inside the crotch zipper.
Jack  October 11 2016


I got this suit for Halloween last year and I thought it was awesome. when i first opened it, it did smell a bit weird but who cares? all in all, a great suit and i would definitely recommend this to a friend. the only problem is that i tried getting a blue one this year and it was almost $80 CAD but I can still wear this one.
Sean  September 28 2016


Can you add both forearm zippers please
yes, please we can add them. please mail us after order the suit online. we will add this option as a custom order. The forearm zipper usually be made on the spidey costumes.
Fewlimits  August 28 2016


Question: Can I order a suite with a penis sheath and a vertical zipper or is this a bad idea? My intention is to have the sheath exposed sometimes (with my penis inserted) or at other times to hide the sheath tucked into the zippered area.
If you order p-sheath along with vertical crotch zipper, then the sheath will be hidden in side the zipper.
Randy  February 25 2016


Quick question. Would it be possible to get this with the face aperture and openings for the ears as well?
yes, you need to send us photos as reference so we can cut the ear part. Please contact: service@zentai-zentai.com