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Review: Teal Full Body Suit / Spandex Lycra Zentai Suit

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I ordered this with: - Open Nose & Mouth - Pony Tail Sheath - Crotch Zipper (Male) - Separate Toes - Seamless Outside Overall Fit: I am 190 cm tall and ordered XXL. It is generally comfortable, but the shoulders are quite broad and it is a bit baggy in the waist area. Propably it is made for people bigger than me. Folowing the rule "if you can put it on without help it is to big", the size charts gives suits wich are to big. Open Mouth & Nose: Since the nose does not push the fabric away from the face, it can press on the eyes (feels like a sleepmask) Pony Tail Sheath: I ordered this to get my long Hair out of the way of the zipper. This doesn't work. If you are alone, it is very hard to pull your hair through. The Sheath is 5cm long and located on top of the head. Crotch Zipper (Male): If you want to use this, don't wear underpants. Also, the slider I got is quite impractical in this location and looks weird (see picture). A slider like the main zipper would be better. Separate Toes: Made my little toe hurt. Does not add comfort, just for aesthetics. Seamless Outside: For those who can't imagine how this looks like: It replaces the two seams going from the armpits to the outer side of the feet with one seam going from the lower end of the main zipper to the crotch. __General Statement__ If you watch out for certain details, you get a great suit :-) I sleep in it, it feels good.