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Details of points plan:

1. The order should be placed on our website to enjoy the integration. Custom orders through email are excluded.
2. After the order status updated to Shipped Out or Delivered, the points will be shown automatically based on the sum of your successed order. ( 2 US dollors = 1 point )
3. The orders under the Processing status or dispute can not enjoy the integration.
4. When the points is enough for the item in your next purchase, points deduction will be shown on the shopping cart page. After you apply your points and place the order successfully, the corresponding points will be deducted and removed from your total amount of accumulative points.
5. If you cancel the order before processing, Please contact us ,we will reverse the pointsto your account .
6. The points deduction can only be apply to one item in each purchase
7. The points deduction can not be applied to postage and custom options.
8. The points can not be used combining with coupon
9. The point redemption promotion is NOT available to VIP clients .
10. You can apply your points to deduct cash now! If you are a return client with points, you can choose to apply the points in your next purchase at shopping cart page.