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christmas 2019
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Hi Chuck,
Does this suit come with the mask and attached EVA lenses as standard like the other Gwen suits you have on here?

Tony More
Walter Oliver Jr

i ordered this suit with the detached glove and attached sole option. The suit did not take long to arrive at all. By adding extra options, such as a head mounted flashlight and neon piping, i can switch between Deadpool and The Prowler. Wore it to a con and to a Deadpool movie. Had fun, great stuff!

Walter Oliver Jr More
Matthew Ramos

Amazing Suit! Very happy with my purchase. Only took a little over a week for it to get made and shipped into the USA. Some little white fuzzies seem to be coming off the suit, but it's not even noticable. Some of the gear I got off of amazon.

Matthew Ramos More
ethan rafter

Hi if i buy the mask can it cover this much of the neck and shoulders?

ethan rafter More

It's not Shiny or metallic at all, and I actually prefer it that way. It's a nice suit, especially for the price. The sizing is a little off, but not a big deal. Overall a nice suit and decent quality.

Constance More
Miles Klipper aka Victoria's Very Own Deadpool

The faceshell and hood I got is from another source though!

I ordered the suit on the 6th of January and it just arrived today which is January 25th and I gotta say I love the suit, padding and all the rest line up perfectly! I would so recommend this suit for anyone who is willing to go for a decently priced movie suit!

Also would...

Miles Klipper aka Victoria's Very Own Deadpool More
Troy Ma Boy

A little hard to put on but overall I'm impressed with the suit.

The only concern I have is with the lenses. They look great but I was expecting to be able to see through them. I didn't think they would literally just attach the lenses to a faceless suit. I recommend getting the open eyes when purchasing the lenses.

Or better yet,...

Troy Ma Boy More

hello I wanted to ask I want the swimsuit model raimi sam, do you can create, if you can do what cost? and where can I get the order payment etc., I thank you from now on yours truly

vincenzo More
Jorge Cortez

This suit is amazing! I went out in public once in this suit and the kids love it! Thank you Zentai-Zentai!

Jorge Cortez More

Love the costume. I received it earlier in the year (Around June or July), and I went to the local convention with it! It was a huge hit! Very glad with the purchase! Only complaint is the leg holster as it kept sliding down no matter how tight I tightened it.

Cole More
Wilbert Pierce

I love my suit. It's gone with me many events and held up. Even spilled wine on it one night and it washed right out.

As I grow my suit collection(I just ordered the Deadpool movie suit) I hope to do a few mods. new lenses maybe a black material with grip to it for when I'm climbing stuff.

I do recommend carefully cutting out the...

Wilbert Pierce More

A Great suit, comes with great fun :) First of all thanks for all the help I got from Zentai-Zentai. They really know what customer service needs to be. Thnxs guys!

The suit:
My suit comes with a standard U-shape Zipper, two zippers in the forearms, detachable hood and EVA lenses. I upgraded the zippers into invisible for a nicer...

Alfred More
Shellbi Grey

It's perfect! Comfortable, easy to wear. SUPER fast postage. I would definitely recommend this suit to any Ms. Marvel fans looking to cosplay her.

Shellbi Grey More
Shellbi Grey

Amazing suit, great quality for a great price. Super comfortable and easy to wash. I had so many people stop me for photos, along with asking me where I purchased my suit.

Shellbi Grey More
Blake Constable

I wanted a black spider-man suit for Halloween. Can I have this one for Christmas with the raimi logo as a gift on the 1st December?

Blake Constable More
Fanny Gagne-Savard

I'm really satisfied, the suit is beautiful and is super good. I Receipts comment on my good suit.I am glad to represent my favorite character for the Comic con in Montréal, Canada.

Fanny Gagne-Savard More
Darryl Workman

I will just say this to begin with: If you have this customized be patient. It takes them about a month to get the measurements right but shipping is super quick after that. Ordered this costume for a comic convention the day after Halloween and it turned out beautifully. The costume fit perfectly and was easy to walk around it. I highly...

Darryl Workman More

I love my suit and how easy it was to custom order for size. I finally wore it to a convention and got sooo many complements on how great I looked. and the white Eva foam eyes were perfect. I recommend this site to any and all who asked. Thank you sooo much! I see another order in my future soon!

Sarah More
Christopher Pitts

It's a nice first costume. I would like more shading but that's ok. I ordered mine with individual toes because I wear vibram 5 finger shoes and all the toes were sewn the same size which is very tight particularly on the big toes but it still works. It's funny that it has printed seams and real seams, I think I would prefer all real....

Christopher Pitts More
stephen quammie

I received my order today, it arrived right on time for Halloween! The suit fits great and I will definitely order another costume from this site in the future. I have little to no problem seeing through the mask which is made from the same material as the rest of the suit, and I had the mask and hands detachable so I can eat and do...

stephen quammie More
Cale Batterson

The suit is VERY well made. Especially for the price, it was a big hit at comic con and a lot of people actually said it was one of the best costumes they have seen. If you order, get jersey lycra, it's way worth the extra money. Also don't get the EVA logo on the front or back (I made that mistake) because it's not movie accurate. If...

Cale Batterson More
Christopher Spears

The suit is...Amazing. See what I did there? The over all quality is Spectacular. The craftsmanship is Superior. I would highly recommend Zentai-Zentai to anyone who is in the market for any kind of superhero suit. It's the Ultimate site for superhero suits.

One thing I will say to first time buyers. Take advantage of their custom...

Christopher Spears More
Jeremy JPOOL Colwill

Received my suit earlier then expected. Looks awesome and photos. Good quality suit and I love the muscle definition, because it's practically impossible to show muscle definition in lycra. I got to debut it at a local convention and received several complements for the upgrade. Check out the photo below.

Jeremy JPOOL Colwill More
Jonathan Cardenas

the back spider is a lot smaller in the film than it is on your suit I was wondering if you guys are able to reduce the size

Jonathan Cardenas More

I was really excited to get this suit after reading all the reviews, and I was not disappointed! I did custom sizing which made the suit fit like a dream. I wore it around NYCC 2015 on Saturday and got a lot of compliments! The hood was large and comfortable. The ONLY con I had with this suit was the mask. I did not wear it while at con...

Keirsty More

I ordered a Batman Dawn Of Justice Pattern from Gun Head Designs. I commissioned ZZ to print & sew it. It just got here and I'm amazed!!
The Print & Fit are amazing!!!
It's so well put together and it fits like skin.

Thanks ZZ & GHD for helping me make my best costume yet!!


I love the suit you guys made from the design I sent you! Im going to try the thicker bicycle jersey material next time. Thanks

Merc More

I want to buy this zentai but I would like to know, can I separate the hood ? or can I replace with this hood ( http://www.zentai-zentai.com/deadpool-hood-red-spandex-matte-black-metallic-spandex-mesh-eyes-hood-with-peak-products-3213.html ) ?
because I like this deadpool design but I don't like eyes and these black...

regulus More

This is my first Spidey suit, so I went into this fairly blind. I checked out the rpf forums and read about Ken Landrum's free design. Also based on some reviews here, photos, and videos on youtube, I decided to give zentai-zentai.com a try.

I am not disappointed. I did a custom order and provided my measurements. Communication was...

TheSpideyDad More
Christina Raymond

Product is cool and great however is not identical to what is shown,
is missing the sides for the ears as well as is not the same shape either,
I am a little disappointed in this...
Would like to get the correct shell that I payed for

Christina Raymond More