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christmas 2019
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Marvin Pelayo

The Quality is top of the line, breathable and you can see through the lenses pretty well, i cant wait to order from you guys again :). was a hit at NYCC

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Adam Shalders

A very good Deadpool suit, great design and made very well. This is probably the best looking Deadpool suit to buy online, very impressed when it arrived yesterday. It arrived at my home after 2 weeks from purchasing which was surprisingly fast. Thank you very much Zentai Zentai, I will be buying from you again in the future.

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Yayo Martinez

So I ordered my suit on June i got in 2 weeks! Which was amazing! This suit is pretty awsome i ordered another faceshell and lenses from another company but this suit is 10/10. thanks!

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SoniClaudi Cosplay

I used zentai-zentai for this gwenpool costume i designed and I love it! my only issue is i guess the part of my pattern i thought was going to be the shoulder turned out not to be so those are left blank :/

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David taylor

I received my Amazing Spiderman Suit from zentai-zentai a few weeks ahead of schedule. I put in my measurements and it fits like a glove. The pattern is gorgeous and the muscle shading makes me look more fit than I actually am. The attached lenses are great and the visibility out of them are phenomenal. I can easily put the suit on...

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David Partelow

The suit was my first purchase off this site and I have to say I was not at all disappointed. Not only did I find great costumer service but the suit fit like a dream. The custom options really help you get exactly what you want, especially the zipper options. The U shaped zipper made all the difference in getting in and out of the suit...

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Daniela Loera

My suit was a hit here in La Mole Comic Con in Mexico! I was the best deadpool in the Con without a doubt. I chose custom measurements and It fits like a glove. I can do anything with it is like a second skin, really breathable. Also make sure to pick detachable hood and if you want to be lady deadpool don't be afraid to choose the...

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Ethan Hammerschmidt

are there any options available to make it easier to see out of the mask? and also would there be any options for the webbing on his back as in the attached picture?

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Miguel Molina

(Spain) El traje me queda genial, es muy cómodo y facil de poner, y que mejor que estar acompañado de mis dos Barry Allen. La entrega fue rápida y a tiempo muy ecomendable.
Saludos desde el Daily Bugle.

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edward clark

When I first ordered this suit I was worried about the quality. DONT BE. The suit came and Zentai Zentai exceeded my expectations. Here is a few tips....(1) get soles! (2) go the extra $ and get jersey Lycra, I did and I love it..(3) get custom sizing, its free and well worth it.....overall I am going to love doing birthday parties and...

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Andrew Kent

I was wondering if, when adding the lenses, do you leave the fabric on or do you remove them so that there's no fabric under the EVA Lenses?

I already own a suit I bought last year (Before you started lenses) and am considering buying lenses to go on top. Would the fabric lenses cause any large vision difficulties and, if so, would...

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Por Moua

Such an amazing suit! I had alot of fun puff painting and adding details to the suit to make it even better! This suit grabbed lots of attention! I am looking forward to buying more suits here and i recommend everyone to buy from here! Dont hesitate! just buy! Great Quality SUIT!! you wont be disappointed! keep up the great work zentai!

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Rodney Leary

Happy with the suits. Great pricing. I would highly recommend the zippers on the wrists because it can be hard to zip up the back with the hands on. EVA eyes and spider logo look awesome.

Rodney Leary More

Hi, id like to know if the white square design comes on the hands as well. And if I purchase the EVA lenses at the same time as this suit, would you put them on the suit for me? Also Id like to know if the suit comes out looking something like this. Thanks

Joey More
Karl Robinson

Hey Zentai Zentai, alright im playing on getting a suit but i don't like the lenses that suit comes with would it be possible if you could attach lenses number 2 when i click that option or will i have to order separate ??

As shown In This Picture

Karl Robinson More

This suit is freaking awesome!!! Everyone loves it on me, had a couple of photo shoots in it, my niece did one and several professional photographers at Kansas City Comic Con took some as well! Fits me like a glove, if you want a good fit, give them your measurements, that is what I did :-) Picture from my photo shoot my niece did,...

Eric More

I love my new suit! I cannot wait for Comic Con, it feels so good, I have considered wearing it all the time. Casual Fridays has a whole new meaning.


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Karl Robins

Hi I Like This Suit But Is It Possible To Have It Like This

Dark File On Shiny Fabric

Karl Robins More

Such an amazing suits. The only modifications I made when ordering were the measurements. The colors are perfect and if you're serious about this suit then upgrade to Jersey Lycra. 10/10 would recommend to anyone who wants to cosplay but doesn't want to spend 1,000 on TheRPCStudio.com.

Mooky More

heres a picture!

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Melissa Hoath

After processing I got it in one day after shipped. Pretty happy about this item. Description isn't super clear so I'll make it super clear.

The blue part is a Leotard so it's best to add some crotch snaps ( NOT zippers) to the suit. The Skirt is separate so you can choose skirt or no skirt.

The socks come with a Heel part. I...

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Melissa Hoath

Bought 2 suits.

One - Regular

Two - Jersey

Jersey is MUCH more stronger and durable if rips occur. Jersey fabric does not run when ripped. Pay the extra $20, you'll be happy. :)

Spiderman suit was a gunhead design and printed by ZZ so I figure it was Ok picture to select :)

Melissa Hoath More
Melissa Hoath

Remember to select Open eyes or you
ll have to cut them yourself and add-mesh to your eyes or add it after. I also added some foam inside by the eyes because of my eyelashes.

Overall suit was great. You can use it for Arachne or SpiderGirl Anya.

Melissa Hoath More
Trevor Hirby

When I first got this suit I thought it was mis-sized. Turns out I was just wearing too much underneath it.
I changed my bottom layers and now it fits perfectly.
I've already gone to multiple super hero themed charity events as Flash and people LOVED this suit.
Not only does it look great, but it's easy to run around in.


Trevor Hirby More

From the moment I saw SpiderGwen's outfit I knew I wanted to cosplay her!
I was a little scared because I ordered a suit on my own measurements... But that was totally uncalled for!
The suit fits like a glove!
And to top it of, it got shipped really fast!
I ordered it right before I left on my holiday and it arrived before I got...

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Branagh Jones-Allen

First and foremost, the print for this suit is amazing! I ordered it around March of this year and received about two weeks later. I was impressed of the customer service of the website, and how easily I could put on the suit. I ordered the suit as a six piece, which wasn't the greatest idea because it became kind of annoying after a...

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Samantha Nichol

Absolutely love the suit! It feels great and fits great! I ordered it with the measurements for when I'm wearing my waist cincher and was a little worried about how it would fit over but you can't tell I'm wearing a cincher at all! I was also really surprised by the size of the hood since I emailed support to ask about it and they said...

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Joseph Tweddle

This suit is fantastic, Had alot of people contact me to go to Cons, Photography and parties highly recommend this to any web head cosplayers you'll wont be disappointed I assure

Joseph Tweddle More
Logan Cothran

I have a few questions, does this costume come with the option of a removable mask if so how do i go about ordering it that way and also does it come with the EVA Spider-Man Lenses Style 12 like shown in the picture on the site?

Logan Cothran More

I have two different sizes in this suit. Both (Medium and Large) have hands that were cut too small for me. A different style of Spider-Man suit that I have also ordered in medium and large were cut much better in the hands. So for some reason I have no hand luck for this style.

Brian More