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halloween 2018



High quality SuperHero props with accurate details in reasonable price.
Our brand new props department will do our best to helpt you create your movie-accurate outfit.
We have over 50 skilled prop designers and workers to bring you an excellent experience.
Now we have rubber lenses, webshooters, faceshell for spider-man and deadpool, rubber
symbols for spider-man and deadpool. boots for power rangers and for the boots, we can customize them into over 100 styles. Please feel free to contact us at service@zentai-zentai.com if you can not find the props you want on this page.

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comic ones plzzz Jacob woods
Fabio Serri  August 29 2016


Really happy with these boots! First of all, I ordered them on august 20th, and they arrived on the 29th! I didn't think they could be this fast to Italy. The boots are perfect, confortable, and the sole is great. I really advice these boots! Fabio Serri
Mooky  July 27 2015


heres a picture! Mooky
Ben Tilley  September 19 2018


What Color is number 6? Reply:
It is light yellow.
Nazir Mateo  July 29 2018


Does The Web Shooters Have Magnets In The Button So It won't Wiggle Around? Reply:
It has no magnet. Just the velcro.
Matthew Flores  July 26 2018


If you get these lenses attached to your deadpool suit do you NOT need the faceshell? Is it either or? Reply:
Yes, if you order lenses, you do not need to order the faceshell. You can only choose one of them :)