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High quality SuperHero props with accurate details in reasonable price.
Our brand new props department will do our best to helpt you create your movie-accurate outfit.
We have over 50 skilled prop designers and workers to bring you an excellent experience.
Now we have rubber lenses, webshooters, faceshell for spider-man and deadpool, rubber
symbols for spider-man and deadpool. boots for power rangers and for the boots, we can customize them into over 100 styles. Please feel free to contact us at service@zentai-zentai.com if you can not find the props you want on this page.

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Really happy with these boots! First of all, I ordered them on august 20th, and they arrived on the 29th! I didn't think they could be this fast to Italy. The boots are perfect, confortable, and the sole is great. I really advice these boots! Fabio Serri
Mooky  July 27 2015


heres a picture! Mooky
Draving  April 28 2017


What if I wanted to use these as a prop for a cosplay? Like, not on the suit itself, but on leather straps? Reply:
If the leather straps are soft and thin, these can be applied.
vannykipz  April 18 2017


If I buy these can I get the frame a red/pink for a spidergwen look? Can I also get the lenses silver? Reply:
Yes the frame color can be pink or red, please leave your request in the remarks text box.
Ben Tilley  April 16 2017


how do you install the web shooter with the clip Reply:
There are buttons, please check this link: http://blog.zentai-zentai.com/2016/12/how-to-intall-magnet-spiderman-webshooters/
Hajnalka  April 15 2017


Hello,what kind of rubber is this made of,because i am unable to glue it to the textile,i was try shoe glue,pure silicone,but it is still come down. What do you prefer for glueing? Reply:
Please try UFO glue.