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halloween 2018
Holiday Notice: Our tailors and Carriers will be on National Day holiday from Oct.1st to 7th. We will be back on Oct.8th. As our printed costumes will takes 3-4 weeks for tailoring, the orders placed before Oct.5th will be shipped out before Halloween. No rush order available in October. Please check the tailoring time carefully.
The processing time of solid color costumes takes 5 days only.
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tony martson


tony martson More

What number are the green lenses.

jon More
Jonas Jensen

This is suit is so awesome! Can gladly recommend this!
But I will recommend to buy different lenses and glue them on if you want a more movie accurate look :) But that's my opinion. But Great quality and the suit fits me like a clove! :D

Jonas Jensen More
Walter Oliver Jr

using the custom sizing option, this suit was a perfect fit. i went with the U shaped back, zipper in the back of the hood and zipper in the sleeves to make it easy to eat or use the cell phone. Got lots of positive responses from both a Comic Con and a Voluntary Fund Raiser.

Walter Oliver Jr More
Brett Griffin

Costume looks great. Got both spider-man eyes and built in soles and it looks almost perfect. Only complaint is that the wings extend below my belt line and that I wish they extended longer on the arms, Pick below is with the wings altered and a homemade belt.

Brett Griffin More
Ron Walls

Thank you ! It looks amazing!

Ron Walls More
Ron Walls

I love this suit. It is by far my favorite costume. It fits perfectly, and I got the kung fu shoes with it so its a very wearable and functional suit. The color is bold and distinct as well!

Ron Walls More
Phillip Betournay

Adore this suit. It fits pretty well. It is extremely easy to put on. Love the accessories on the suit. The tail is puffy hard and keeps its shape, even when sat on. The only flaw is that the pants tend to slip off when I’m walking or doing something. I suppose I could just pin it.

Overall, it was a great investment.

PS Expect a...

Phillip Betournay More
Phillip Betournay

Love the suit. It fits perfectly. The printed mask is cool. The tale adds a good touch to the suit. The only flaw is that it is a leg zipper costume. It can be a bit challenging to put the suit on.

Overall, it was a good investment.

PS Expect a YouTube video in the shortcoming.

Phillip Betournay More
Phillip Betournay

Love this suit. It fits well, although I cannot wear my muscle suit underneath. The mask blends in very well at the neckline. All the zippers are solid. I love the Kung Fu shoes as well as the zipper in the forearm. The biggest flaw would have to be the black strips. It makes that part of the suit tighter and harder to take on and...

Phillip Betournay More
Phillip Betournay

Love the suit. It fits perfectly over my muscle suit (also bought here). The gloves stay up and don’t slip down. The biggest flaw is the black and yellow underwear. They keep slipping down when I walk or make any movement. I suppose I could pin it.

Overall, it was a good investment.

PS Expect a YouTube video in the shortcoming....

Phillip Betournay More
stephen quammie

This costume is a perfect fit and it looks great. I wore it to Toronto ComiCon recently and people loved the way it looked. Thanks!

stephen quammie More
Johnny Walker - Hyper Gaming

This is by far the best suit I've had and some of the best work i have seen put into these suits! Honestly couldn't be happier than i am now with it and hope to continue my collection! Zentai Zentai is honestly the best site to get nay Spidey suit and they get the measurements exactly to what you send them! i will be showing this off to...

Johnny Walker - Hyper Gaming More
J M Purcell

Great suits. This is myself and my girlfriend at a Halloween party. I had to order the suit 3 times for them to get it right though. They even admitted they screwed up the order as far as zipper placements, but yet still refused to make me the suit the way I ordered it. I had to pay for a new order. It took them 3x to get it right. That...

J M Purcell More
Scott Reilly

This costume is awesome! The colors are wonderful, the cape is tremendous and the rubber "S" shield is high quality. The attention to detail is fantastic. Pictured with me is my little Supercat. Great product, great service, would definitely order again. HIGHLY recommend!

Scott Reilly More

If I get this suit can you put this logo on on the chest?

Spider_Matt More

already posted a review as Nick just wanted to post picture

Nicholas More
Caleb Stead

Fits and looks better than I was expecting. Got plenty of compliments while I was out wearing it.
My main issue with it is the fabric and sewing quality. After one night out, a seam in the hand came out and several other spots looked like they were about to. A hole also appeared on one of the feet, and I know I did not do anything to...

Caleb Stead More
Anna Szarota

Really impressed with this suit. I ordered it on Oct 7 and lost all hope of it arriving before Halloween after it hadn't been shipped out on the 25th. I was surprised when I received an email on the 27th that it had been shipped out and was due to arrive in Ireland from Shanghai on Halloween before 6pm (within 4 days!). Needless to say I...

Anna Szarota More
Daniel Åhs

I love it! You will never find a better Superman costume!
I'm 179cm and around 85kg. I took the XL and it looking really good, but maybe it is little big (because it is spandex I think I can get the minder one). I have had it 1 year and now I trying to loose 5kg, so I just bought the L version now also :) Hope it will fit me also^^...

Daniel Åhs More
Jacob woods

can u make this spider man ps put web wings and make 30$

Jacob woods More
Jacob woods

comic ones plzzz

Jacob woods More
Jacob woods

can u make 25 and 26 look like this

Jacob woods More
Paula Estevez Caride

"Im in love with it"
What can I say about my order? Im just in love with it.

I was looking for this zentai in a lot of different web pages looking for a good quality-price product, and I found this from zentai-zentai, this was my first order here.
I was very scary, because after reading a lot of feedbacks and reviews, I...

Paula Estevez Caride More

If i were to get this suit would you be able to make the back spider look like this?

Nicholas More
Jeremy Colwill

Got to do an awesome photoshoot with CourteX Studios with my MCU Spider-Man and the photos turned out great! Can't wait for my next purchase from you guys! :D

Jeremy Colwill More

if i order this could i get lenses shaped like these?

Nick More
Jeremy Colwill

I love my Civil War MCU Spider-Man suit! I got the lenses and the soles glued on and they're fantastic. I was just shooting a All-Spider-Man Photoshoot the other day and I jumped in one of the pictures. Can't wait to purchase my next Spidey outfit from you guys!

Jeremy Colwill More
takoda sorvillo

Amazing costume! I Purchased it for use in a fan film! Zero problems, money well spent!

takoda sorvillo More
Dimitri Deborne

Ce costume est géniale !!! Déjà le deuxième que j’achète ici et toujours aucun soucis ! Merci Zentai-Zentai

Dimitri Deborne More