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Knowledge Base

Meaning of Each Custom-made Option

We offer Custom-made Service. This options is under the Size drop menu which include two parts:

  • a)Size Customize
  • size custom
  • b)Special Customize
  • size custom

    Size Customize

    In the Size Custmize, the detailed measurements will help us to make your Zentai suits or Morphsuits fit better. This service is Free.

    Special Customize

    In the Special Custmize, you can customize your unique Morphsuits or Zentai Suits such as open eyes.

    The following pictures show how would them look like:

    open eyes, open mouth and no face add toes and add fingers add toes and add fingers

    If you have other requirements, please leave your requirements in the Remarks textbox as follow:

    remarks in custom-made

    Updated on Feb. 23th,2011