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Order by Pattern

You can order the printing patterns here and we will make it into a custom for you.
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Ordered Straight Back Zipper Shiny Spandex Paid for Expedited Shipping they sent me 4 Uzipper Suits and Dull Cotton Lycra Blend took about one month to get from the Expedited Service just Horrible Chuck Johnson. Reply:
You ordered 2 suits with 2-way back zipper not 4. No addtional comments about vertical zipper. The default zipper for the patterned costume is U zipper on back which is written in the notice on this item page . We tailored the suits based on order. If you need new costumes, we will offer discount.
Bart Tveskov  April 17 2019


This was the file zentai-zentai custom made for me and I'm super pleased with it!! The colors look nice and the quality of the suit is really good! the suit itself is a little difficult to get off and on because of the zipper, and the headpiece/lenses I ordered looked too goofy to use but overall this is a great suit for anyone wanting to cosplay the Wonder Comics version of Impulse. 4.5/5
Brett Griffin  February 19 2019


Love this suit! Looks perfect and design team did a great job costumizing it for me.
Brett Griffin  February 19 2019


Love this suit! Looks perfect. Absolutely nothing I would change.