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Order by Pattern

You can order the printing patterns here and we will make it into a custom for you.
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if i were to order this suit would you be able to make it somewhat resemble this? make the webs on the suit complete and remove the lines on the blue? with nice bright and vibrant colors? if you could remove the chest spider printed on there along with the back spider that would be nice too as i would like them raised when i order them but i dont want any of the print to show under the eva spiders...i would like the logos themselves to stay the same though. I would just like to know if this is a possibility before i order... Nicholas E. Marselas Reply:
This is a different design. Please contact service@zentai-zentai.com
Magnus Brown  June 04 2019


Looks and fits Great! I would Highly recommend this company!
Kahrhon Bajlanpour  May 09 2019


Ordered Straight Back Zipper Shiny Spandex Paid for Expedited Shipping they sent me 4 Uzipper Suits and Dull Cotton Lycra Blend took about one month to get from the Expedited Service just Horrible Chuck Johnson. Reply:
You ordered 2 suits with 2-way back zipper not 4. No addtional comments about vertical zipper. The default zipper for the patterned costume is U zipper on back which is written in the notice on this item page . We tailored the suits based on order. If you need new costumes, we will offer discount.
Bart Tveskov  April 17 2019


This was the file zentai-zentai custom made for me and I'm super pleased with it!! The colors look nice and the quality of the suit is really good! the suit itself is a little difficult to get off and on because of the zipper, and the headpiece/lenses I ordered looked too goofy to use but overall this is a great suit for anyone wanting to cosplay the Wonder Comics version of Impulse. 4.5/5
Brett Griffin  February 19 2019


Love this suit! Looks perfect and design team did a great job costumizing it for me.
Brett Griffin  February 19 2019


Love this suit! Looks perfect. Absolutely nothing I would change.