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Love the custom suit. Got great remarks on dutch comic con about my lady deadpool cosplay. only downside is the leg holster, kept sliding down (little annoying) but other then that i honestly love it. Mireille
Robert Samuel Non  November 21 2016


1st suit i bought from zentai-zentai and I'm quite pleased with it. Got it in time for Halloween and a Christmas party and everyone was impressed with it :) One thing to keep in mind though is to not let the finger tips touch Velcro, the threading for both thumbs on my suit had gotten loose already because most of my accessories have velcro. All-in-all I'm happy with my purchase and now have just bought 2 spidey suits from zentai-zentai and hoping to buy another design of deadpool in the near future. Robert Samuel Non
Gregory Floyd  October 10 2016


Fits great, looks great! Exactly as pictured. Has very good vision and can breath out of it easily. I needed it early for Comic Con and they were extremely accommodating and rushed the processing and the shipping. I will definitely be ordering more suits in the future! Gregory Floyd
Jeremy Colwill  August 01 2016


I received my Deadpool cosplay in time for a convention and I was happy about that. The costume was great, but I didn't realize it had a U-Zipper, so that threw me off a little bit, while I was trying to get into it. I was a little disappointed in the mask. It didn't look like the picture and I was hoping for someting close to it. Love the 3D Shading. If it weren't for the mask, I would have given this suit a high score. Hopefully. my next order has better designed hood. I give this cosplay item a 3 out of 5 stars. Jeremy Colwill
Sophii Jones  May 04 2016


This cosplay has been one of my favorite for years! I wore it to almost every conventions for two years straight without an issue, so much fun to wear and great quality! Sophii Jones
Stan Waliszewski  April 28 2016


I recently purchased this and am quite happy with it .. The suit has a great fit and color print. I have only found 2 issues. 1. I purchased the detachable mask, the mask does not stay tucked in, it always slips out. I think the mask should be made a bit longer so it stays tucked in the suit. 2.I use SWAT elbow and knee pads as well as gloves (as shown in your deluxe deadpool movie suit) and if the velcro touches the suit it pulls the color from the suit and frays the material. Stan Waliszewski