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Superhero Costumes

Dress like a hero! Buy cheap cosplay bodysuits and costumes from Comics,Movies and TVs. Over 150 suits available including Spider-man, Superman, Batman, Power Rangers , etc. Children size is available.
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Hi! can you make this version also? Manuel Reply:
Yes, we can customize this costume. Please contact service@zentai-zentai.com
Mireille  March 25 2017


Love the custom suit. Got great remarks on dutch comic con about my lady deadpool cosplay. only downside is the leg holster, kept sliding down (little annoying) but other then that i honestly love it. Mireille
Kel  March 05 2017


They did an awesome job, excellent customer service, will order more in the future! Kel
Rixson Ramdeen  February 28 2017


Amazing suit! Highly recommended! The problem with muscle shading on a costume is how flat it looks without actual raised muscle beneath which kills the illusion. This suit solves that problem! I had purchased several costumes from Zentai-zentai already when they listed this skin tone coloured muscle suit for sale so I knew they are very accommodating to special requests. I saved the image of the suit, adjusted the colour to the grey I required and contacted ZZ customer service who confirmed they could do it. The cape and underpants was also made by ZZ while I put together the other costume components on my own. As they are able to do the suit in different colours, the cosplay possibilities are endless! Rixson Ramdeen
Phillip Betournay  February 07 2017


This is definitely the best muscle suit available online. It fits perfectly, it is snug, comfortable. It fits great under my costumes to provide me with a nice athletic tone. I ordered mine with a horizontal crotch zipper; perfect. My Instagram followers love it. One girl said that I look sexy. Be sure to check my YouTube account for videos with the suit. Just search my name. Phillip Betournay
Phillip Betournay  January 19 2017


This was a great costume for a great price. I ordered mine with a detachable gloves above the wrist and a horizontal crotch zipper. The gloves combined extremely well with the suit, not leaving any skin showing. I loved how the eye mask was included and that the belt was detached to make it look more realistic. The biggest flaw was that the eye mask elastic was way too loose for the size of my head. I had to cut it. But overall, I love it. Check my YouTube account for upcoming videos. Just search my name. Phillip Betournay