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Superhero Costumes

Dress like a hero! Buy cheap cosplay bodysuits and costumes from Comics,Movies and TVs. Over 150 suits available including Spider-man, Superman, Batman, Power Rangers , etc. Children size is available.
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Thank you ! It looks amazing! Ron Walls
Ron Walls  April 19 2018


I love this suit. It is by far my favorite costume. It fits perfectly, and I got the kung fu shoes with it so its a very wearable and functional suit. The color is bold and distinct as well! Ron Walls
Phillip Betournay  April 18 2018


Adore this suit. It fits pretty well. It is extremely easy to put on. Love the accessories on the suit. The tail is puffy hard and keeps its shape, even when sat on. The only flaw is that the pants tend to slip off when I’m walking or doing something. I suppose I could just pin it. Overall, it was a great investment. PS Expect a YouTube video in the shortcoming. Phillip Betournay
Phillip Betournay  April 18 2018


Love this suit. It fits well, although I cannot wear my muscle suit underneath. The mask blends in very well at the neckline. All the zippers are solid. I love the Kung Fu shoes as well as the zipper in the forearm. The biggest flaw would have to be the black strips. It makes that part of the suit tighter and harder to take on and off. Overall, it was a great investment. PS Expect a YouTube video in the shortcoming. Phillip Betournay
stephen quammie  March 25 2018


This costume is a perfect fit and it looks great. I wore it to Toronto ComiCon recently and people loved the way it looked. Thanks! stephen quammie
Johnny Walker - Hyper Gaming  February 28 2018


This is by far the best suit I've had and some of the best work i have seen put into these suits! Honestly couldn't be happier than i am now with it and hope to continue my collection! Zentai Zentai is honestly the best site to get nay Spidey suit and they get the measurements exactly to what you send them! i will be showing this off to friends, family, cons, YouTube, and anywhere else i can to show this bad boy off! way to go Zentai Zentai Johnny Walker - Hyper Gaming