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Holiday Notice: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We will be on Chinses New Year holiday from Jan. 22nd,2017 to Feb. 17th, 2017. The order placed after Jan 15th. 2017 will be shipped out after we back to work. In order to thank you all for your support, the order placed during Jan.16th to Feb.17th will enjoy 5% off discount by using coupon 2017NY.

Superhero Costumes

Dress like a hero! Buy cheap cosplay bodysuits and costumes from Comics,Movies and TVs. Over 150 suits available including Spider-man, Superman, Batman, Power Rangers , etc. Children size is available.
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Ad this is a picture of my custom suit. See my previous review to learn how happy I am with it. Franco
Franco  January 11 2017


The "Civil War" version of the Spider-Man suit has a fantastic design per se. With the leather insets is even more awesome. I got mine with custom measurements, rubber Spidey eyes and Jersey Lycra fabric: everything was worth it, and I'm very pleased with how fitting and comfortable the suit is. Eyeview is very good, breathability is smooth and the wrist zipper are exactlt what it takes to slip my big hands through the leather "bracelets". Great work, Zentai-Zentai. Thank you.
Jada Koi  December 29 2016


wow thank you shipping was really fast. The quality of the fabric was good, the color of the fabric is great. There is a zipper on the front The only problem was the sizing on the crotch it was too big and it hung really low, the waist was pulling the crotch down. It fit weird on the crotch I sew and adjust it, it fits better now. Thank you will maybe buy more in the future~ Follow me @jadakoi https://www.facebook.com/jadakoii/ Jada Koi
Peter Parker  November 30 2016


I made a video review. Just incase you all wanted an HD res version of the suit in real time. Great suit! I got this last month and it is amazing!
Cool! Thanks for the video review. Have a nice day!
Robert Samuel Non  November 29 2016


I got Jersey Lycra for two of the suits I ordered, the picture is my best friend wearing the L one and I got the XL. I have to say this is probably the best purchase I've done. I give it 5 stars(or plus) rating for its durability, comfort, accuracy in printing, and the overall quality of the suit, it's all amazing. If you're still checking, STOP, just buy it and pick the jersey lycra option. That option really makes a big difference. I bought a default lycra on of deadpool, not the same level of comfort and thickness I hoped but still a great purchase. I suggest getting a face shell but personally I don't like the spider on the chest and back, that's just my opinion though. Robert Samuel Non
Roberto Castillo  November 25 2016


Great suit, well made for the price, and it was delivered faster than expected. Zentai-zentai exceeded my expectations on this suit. Roberto Castillo