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Superhero Costumes

Dress like a hero! Buy cheap cosplay bodysuits and costumes from Comics,Movies and TVs. Over 150 suits available including Spider-man, Superman, Batman, Power Rangers , etc. Children size is available.
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I love my Civil War MCU Spider-Man suit! I got the lenses and the soles glued on and they're fantastic. I was just shooting a All-Spider-Man Photoshoot the other day and I jumped in one of the pictures. Can't wait to purchase my next Spidey outfit from you guys! Jeremy Colwill
Aya  June 26 2017


Great product and great customer service. Fits comfortably.
takoda sorvillo  June 21 2017


Amazing costume! I Purchased it for use in a fan film! Zero problems, money well spent! takoda sorvillo
Dimitri Deborne  June 15 2017


Ce costume est géniale !!! Déjà le deuxième que j’achète ici et toujours aucun soucis ! Merci Zentai-Zentai Dimitri Deborne
Jeremy Myers  June 14 2017


This suit was my second time ordering from Zentai-Zentai. I search many sites and decided on this suit for several reasons. Price being a huge factor, I could get a complete suit the way I wanted it for the same entry price of some others. The other deciding factor was built in shoes. Another site had a suit I liked but not the built in shoes. The 3rd but not the least in any way was the design. The MCU leather accents are very nice. I decided against a fly but did get the mask detached and had zippers in the forearm. The forearm zippers are an absolute must with this suit, I don't think my big hands would get past the wrist. I debated in doing a face shell with the cool magnetic lenses but decided that a simpler approach would work best. I had the eyes attached and the front logo applied. I'm very happy with this suit and cannot wait to show it off at the Spider-Man Homecoming premiere. Jeremy Myers
Manuel  May 01 2017


Hi! can you make this version also? Manuel Reply:
Yes, we can customize this costume. Please contact service@zentai-zentai.com