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What if I wanted to use these as a prop for a cosplay? Like, not on the suit itself, but on leather straps? Reply:
If the leather straps are soft and thin, these can be applied.
Ben Tilley  April 16 2017


how do you install the web shooter with the clip Reply:
There are buttons, please check this link: http://blog.zentai-zentai.com/2016/12/how-to-intall-magnet-spiderman-webshooters/
Varun  October 25 2016


Does this shoot actual web or anything? If we press the button, can we make something come out of the webshooter? Thanks Reply:
The web-shooters are just the decoration and they don't shoot web.
Richard Hazen  October 07 2016


Do these come with magnetic bands or how do the buttons work do i cut a hole on the fore arm of my suit or is there magnets included? Reply:
There is no magnets but hidden button for you to wear on the suit. There is no need to cut any hole on the suit.
Dayyan Israfil  April 27 2016


do we get 1 or 2 Reply:
You get a pair, 2.
Sean paul  January 01 2016


Hey I wanna order these webshooters and are the web shooters small enough for the tasm2 muscle shading 3D suit Reply:
the webshooters were made in standard size. For more inof, please contact; service@zentai-zentai.com